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You wake with a start, sitting up in bed as you blink your eyes and let out a yawn. There's a burst of dazzling light from the other side of the room, flooding over you as you blink your eyes.


A gorgeous female humanoid phoenix is watching you. Her face has the brilliant, vivid beauty of a supernatural being, with eyes brighter than the moon and a smile that could outshine the sun at midday.


The girl smiles at you. "Welcome home," she says in a melodic voice that seems to resonate deep in your soul.


"What do you mean? This is my home?" you ask.


She smiles at you, before laughing. The sound of her laugh fills you with deep joy and happiness. "Of course it is!" she says, giggling. "The first few days after a rebirth can take time for your memories to come back. Don't worry, everything will return to you in time. Until then, I will be here, and I will look after you."


You ask her, "Who are you?"


The girl smiles. "I am the spirit of your castle. While you are away I take care of it," she says. She transforms into a male phoenix. "I can change my appearance too," she says before changing back into her original form. She gestures towards the door. "I can give you a tour of the grounds if you would like?

Written by AIDungon on 23 November 2020

The end (for now)
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