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Having nothing better to go on you pick one that looks at least partially human.


Once you have made your decision your feet go onto auto pilot preventing you from a last minute switch.


Once out from underneath the statue back in the forest your regain control of your feet.


Only to fall onto all fours as you feel your waist reshaping into something more suited for quadruped motion.


You feel your clothes shift into black fur which spreads to cover most of your body, the only part not covered is your chest and head.


Your hands and arms are the next major thing to change. First they change to match your feet and legs before they all change into an animal style.


By the time the tail grows with the characteristic white strip you realize you are turning into a skunk. The tingling in your chest though make you realize that you are not fully a skunk.


Getting a quick look between your hind legs before your expanding chest makes it impossible to see allows you to realize that you are not a female skunk but in the form of a sphinx.


Written by catprog on 04 June 2018

The end (for now)
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