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You head off, the necklace disappearing when you take off, the flying coming natural to your body. The mountains are steep with no trace of humans until you cross the ridge of one mountain to see a large modern city , glass skyscrapers right to the city.


You also notice a number of runways and planes taking off , Based on how far away you can see your eyes must be improved by a significant margin.


Of course this does mean that when you are flying you have to keep an eye out for planes that could run into you if you are not careful.


Of course this makes things a lot harder, All the vehicles designed for human shaped bodies and you will probably have to walk in the city. It’s a good thing you can fly and have four legs to help keep your stamina up. You find it’s much easier walking around then before.


You spot a park and land in it and look around , not many humans around, maybe they are at work and too busy to risk their lives answering riddles.


Would you be able to walk into a workplace and just ask your riddles? Well they could be busy, but then again, maybe they could use a break.


Of course it is possible you could wait till the come out for lunch, it is not like they will be locked up in those tiny boxes forever. They are humans, not insects, though there are many who are unable to tell the difference.


You look around to see if you can see if you can see anyone through the windows.


Of course this park seems to be surrounded by ancient tall trees hiding you from view.


While you are standing there you hear a voice "hello?" and you look over to see a young women looking at you "You look very different from the rest of us"


"Yes I am a sphinx. Would you like to hear a riddle?" You inquire, tilting your head much like a curious housecat.


"Only if you promise not to eat me if I get it wrong"


"Sure" You say as the thought of asking your riddle more enticing than the thought of a meal. "Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening? "


She smiles, there is joy in her eyes. A specific kind of joy that humans show when they see something that resonates with their sense of innocence, like watching a young child at play. "That is the traditional sphinx riddle. and the answer is a man"


You frown at the answer and your feline ears lower "Yes..."


"Are you the sphinx from the tales I have researched?"


"No, in fact recently I was human until I put on a costume and well I am now this sphinx."


"I see" the woman says her eyes wide "So why aren't you wearing any clothes?"


"well" you say "I think when I was changed my mind was changed to not be worried about the clothes"


"Would you like to go shopping for clothes? Your chest may need support as well" the girl says.


"Well " you think , the thought of clothes not really exciting you. "I think I might prefer not having any."


"Would you like to try anyway, you may be able to try the riddle to the store clerks"


The thought of telling your riddle to more people wins you over and she heads off waiting to see if you are following her. "Pity you are not the old sphinx. I would have so many questions for her."


"Well I have lots of knowledge if you wish to ask your questions" The mere idea of that someone would even consider an almighty all knowing sphinx as lacking knowledge more more than infuriating.

Written by on 17 December 2014

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