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The Hallway. star star star star emptystar

You exit your room to the right, opening the door oh-so-slowly and crouch-walking along. The hallways are dark, lit by candles roughly every ten feet.


Approaching from this direction, you could probably best get to the basement stairs by cutting through the Weapons Training room.


Down the hallway you go. Each step sounds loud as a stick of dynamite, although your shoes are padded like a tiger's paw. Ten feet before your first corner, you hear someone's approach! Someone is making for the fake panel at the end of the hallway, to hide in! You have to move fast! At the same time, in the room immediately to your right, you hear a sleeper's frightened moan. You recognize the sounds of futile dream resistance well--that's the room of your friend Setsa, and she's having the fire dream again. You could hide in there, but the sounds might attract the approaching student and Setsa could awaken and ask awkward questions. You could also try your luck at hiding in your surroundings, but there's little to work with and if the student remains hidden in the wall panels, you could be stuck hiding all night.


Whatever you choose, it must be done quickly!

Written by Mr.Peaches on 18 July 2006

Both Leap Into Setsa's Room

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