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“On second thought,” Jake says with a smile on his face, one that Daniel remembers all too fondly, “Why don’t you join them, Gassan? Do it… Gassan.”


Jake’s face becomes painted with an eerie smile as his body fades into a blackened entity as the room fills with the loud, explosive sounds of the pistol’s firing.


“Strange, is it not? How one person can bring together so… so many.”


Jake smiles as he watches Gassan change into a leopard; Gassan’s new female shape is a lot for him to take in, but his mind, like the others’ have changed.


In a trance, the four anthros chatter together in the room, laughing and living on as if nothing changed.


“Now… now we can make this work out, I think,” Jake says, vanishing, returning to the darkness, blowing one last gust of wind through Daniel’s back, whispering,


“It’s all thanks to you, Daniel… truth or dare was
your best idea yet… I knew my brothers and I could count
on you.”

Written by Sparrow the Wolf on 09 May 2015

The end (for now)

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