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Coming over to the sofa and tilting your head, you place a hand on Katie's back. "Is everything all right?"


He shakes his head and starts crying openly, putting aside his work as he buries his head in his arms, then yells through tears. "No, no it's not fine!" Laboriously, he stands up, still in tears, waving to himself. "Look at this! I'm a... a... winged freak! Some stupid joke! This is the sixth time I do this! This time... this time..." he pauses, taking off his pants and showing himself. "Look! What is this? I'm a girl! I'm twenty three, I'm a nice, polite, caring girl. I went into medicine to help people, and this..? Is this what I get?"


Gasping for breath as he, sobs hard and buckles to his knees, he states his peace coldly. "No, everything is NOT all right!"


"I know... hopefully next time I'll be the male and you'll be the female"


Katie looks at you and shakes his head, his eyes irritated with tears. "No. No. There's no next time. Not if you're not there. This time, I thought it would be over. but you know what? It never is. I swear to god this is just a joke to them, giving us hope that we'll get out of it. It'll just be suit after suit after suit until we either give up or die. And you know what? I choose the second. If I'm going to be stuck alone in another stupid damn suit again, I'm ending it."


"Hopefully we'll find something that will allow us to stay together, but..."


The tall male nods and hugs you tight "I'm sick of being a toy to these people. I'm sick of being someone's plaything that they can toss from one fairy tale rag into another. I just want to be me, Katie Stephenson." He looked at himself, somewhat rude as he'd thought, and reached for his pants. "I'm... I'm sorry... maybe I've already lost my mind to this..."


Sitting on the ground aside him, you wrap your thinner arms around his chest, leaning your head against his shoulder "Hopefully together we will keep our minds. I know I"m still fighting, and I'm pretty sure you are too, eh?"


Written by Craven on 01 June 2010

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