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“Go for it, I think they’re playing my favourite movie over on channel 9.” You reply to James.


“I thought you despised action movies?” he mentions now confused after flicking to the specified channel.


“Really James? Who doesn’t love a good action movie?” You chuckle while speaking to him.


“You…” He replies quietly before shaking his head. “This doesn’t prove anything to me, if your new ‘persona’ loves action movies then I guess we can watch it.” Although you can’t see it James looks over you while you’re wrapped up in your favourite movie. He seems to be surprised when you even quote a few of the lines but doesn’t recall ever watching this film with you.


“God I fucking love that movie, it always brings a tear to my eye it’s so good and all the lines are so memorable.”


“That’s unlike you,” he mutters after your little rant.


“Pardon?” You reply suddenly remembering that there is another person on the couch with you.


“I don’t think I’ve heard you swear before.” James replies and you just shake your head.


“Whatever, have we got any other plans for the day?”

Written by The Only One on 24 December 2017

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