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You turn your attention back to the character selection screen, and only one option remains: 'Stance.' Your curiosity piqued once more, you select 'Quadruped' without hesitation.


As you make your choice, your body undergoes another transformation. It's a gradual shift this time, a seamless transition from bipedal to quadrupedal. Your posture changes entirely, legs becoming shorter and more muscular. Your body shrinks down to the size of a typical skunk, and you find yourself now standing on all fours.


Your fluffy tail remains, and your senses become even more acute. You can smell the earth, the grass, and every scent in the vicinity with unparalleled clarity. Your keen sense of hearing allows you to detect the faintest rustling of leaves in the distance.


As you adjust to this new form, you feel the weight of your skunk body and the fluidity of your movements. It's a remarkable experience, being transformed into a quadruped skunk in this virtual world. The attention to detail is astonishing, and you can't help but appreciate the immersive nature of this transformation.


Now, as a quadruped skunk, you're ready to explore this virtual world from a unique perspective. You wonder what adventures and challenges await you in this form, and how your newfound skunk abilities will come into play. With excitement coursing through your furry body, you begin to explore your surroundings, eager to uncover the mysteries of this virtual realm as a skunk in the present moment.

Written by - on 04 September 2023

The end (for now)

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