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You stumble anxiously to a dark alley between short-standing buildings, in what seems like a busy market. Hopefully no one saw you, you need time to understand just what happened, before anyone else decides that for you. Nothing like an antique witchhunt to ruin a day...


You look around nervously, steadying yourself on your hooves, flexing them with greater and greater familiarity, finding yourself more comfortable with this new form than you'd have guessed... Sleek, sharp, and your build, well, let's say you'd have given a pretty penny to have. Still probably would now if it didn't come with such a price as you're paying now.


You see the local temple in the distance, but such a public place will probably have you discovered in no time. Further into the markets, you think you can make out water. A port? At least maybe there, amongst cargo and vast yards, you could find a place to hide. Maybe even find others the world who've come into the same fate as you.


For now, you wait until no prying eyes are upon your alley to grab a tunic and toga from a trader's display. If the hooves and fur aren't enough, being without a thread on your back is awkwards...

Written by Craven on 29 May 2010

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