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You quickly begin to race down the other side of the dune and weave your way towards the city, checking to make sure that you are on the right track every now and then. About halfway through your journey, you come across a scorpion the size of a small dog. It seems hostile and your suspicions are quickly confirmed when it rushes towards you. Without even thinking, you smash it down with your paw before it can reach and then pick it up with your mouth, crushing it.


Disgusted with the bitter taste, you drop the remains onto the ground and to your amazement, watch it turn into a small pile of gold coins. You had almost forgotten that this was still a video game because of how realistic everything had been up until now. Before you have a chance to attempt to pick up the coins, they float to your side and found their way into a small leather satchel that you didn’t notice earlier. In the air in front of you, some text appeared, reading ‘+ 7G’. You assume this means that you had gained seven golden coins. A bar appears at the top of your field of you and fills up halfway with a blue light. Perhaps it is a tracker for your experience points?


This encounter does bring up some new questions though. What would have happened if it had actually managed to hurt you? Or if you had come across a larger enemy instead? You can’t be sure that dying in the game will release you. Perhaps you would just start in the same place as before. And as cliche as it is, what if dying in the game means dying in real life? As improbable as it seems, you can’t seem to shake the thought of it happening.


You are so lost in thought that you barely notice when the sand beneath your feet becomes cobblestone. Once you register the change, you look up and notice that you have finally arrived in the city. All the walking has exhausted you, but fortunately, there is an inn down the street. The sun has nearly set, so it seems like this will be your best option for rest.


Written by Quuentong on 12 September 2018

The Inn

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