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While you inspect your new form and wander around the mansion, your mind has two sides.
While your thoughts meld into one current thinking, you start to feel slightly cold and your fur
doesn't feel as present. You shudder and see your current coat of vulpine hair fall out hastily, a new
layer of white fur growing in place of what was lost. Giving another shudder and inspection of your
body you see no more reddish fur, but rather a smooth coat of alabaster fur is what you bear.
Shortly after, you begin to feel a shift in your lower back. Your canine tail moves down slightly as
more sprout from the base of your spine. One by one, a new sensation of a tail waving about
registers into your mind, and suddenly you find yourself subconsciously feeling much more as your
new tails brush against each other. As the base of your spine feels more crowded, you feel each new
growth protruding one after another, each slightly off in a different direction from the last. Thick
growth of fur accompanies each new tail, your sensations racing to catch up as you feel every tuft
sprout. You concentrate a bit to feel your new appendages more closely, counting nine swaying
tails while they wag and shift around clumsily. You let your tails resume their subconscious waving
while you comprehend becoming a kitsune.


Your mind is in a state of in-between, feeling a sort of mysticism from one part of your mind
and your normal thinking from the other. You turn to look at your tails, feeling deep knowledge and
understanding of everything you've been taught while the other side of your mind wonders if you
can turn back to human.


You feel a great shift in your body as your thoughts involuntarily lock onto becoming
human, your face being the first to shape. You feel your muzzle shift into a feminine complexity,
your nose no longer being wet as it shifts and your ears sinking to the sides of your head. As the fur
recedes from your face your shoulders and arms change, your dew claws sliding down into
opposable thumbs, the pads on your paws disappearing as your fingers lengthen and claws shrink
down to conform to the tops of each finger. You see your smooth skin exposed on your arms, your
hands of feminine stature and your nails well rounded.


Wanting to change back, you feel the effects slowly reverse. Your tails twitch and wag
erratically, the transformation taking multiple directions. While your hands transform tardily back
into paws your tails finally settle with your unconscious mind and wave in the air. Your elbows
reposition closer to your shoulders, putting your hands on the floor instinctively as your wrist
shapes into a more comfortable position. Fur sprouts from your hands as pads grow back and your
nails once more become claws. Thick, soft hair covers your arms fully and regrow along your bust
leisurely while your hair shortens. When the regrowth of your coat reaches you neck the hair on top
of your head has already become sufficient length, spreading to your ears as they become pointed
and relocate back into their previous position. Your teeth become more dense as they change back
into their canine form, your mouth and jaw shifting forward again. Your nose shortens, blackens,
and becomes familiarly moist again, moving to the tip of your forming muzzle. Your senses
heighten again, your smelling and hearing becoming sharper as your muzzle finishes shifting and
your ears are relocated. You go over to the mirror and see the same vixen head as before. Your
whiskers twitch and your mind continues to combine ways of thinking, processing what happened
and coming to terms that you have a magical ability. A random thought crosses your mind, how
would a person react to your transformation if done stochastically. Your mind continues to ponder
and process, feeling a want to try something different out of sheer curiosity.


Your fur doesn't recede but your legs change moderately. Hoisting up onto two legs as your
elbows again change to halfway down your arms, your hind paws widening and flattening slightly
as you stand bipedal and look at yourself more closely. You can see your tails wagging in
amusement out of your peripherals while you take cautious but steady steps, feeling your
equilibrium still adjust to your new position. You take a few more steps to make sure you can
change into multiple forms and then, satisfied, you settle back down onto your paws. Everything


shifting back into feral order, you walk around a bit to readjust your balance again. Feeling
comfortable as a quadrupedal vixen you walk around and think, a confusing random thought of
male kitsunes running across your mind occasionally as you think of the extent to your abilities.


You think of how being a ghost would be like and you yelp in surprise, your foot slipping
through the floor as it turns ethereal. Curiosity overriding fears, you float up leisurely, your form
becoming slightly translucent as you hover off the ground. Thinking back of becoming solid, you
feel gravity catch up and you feel it's pull once more while you walk around and feel the floor under
your feet in slight relief. Your curiosity sated, your thoughts trail slightly to how you look,
overridden the other part of your mind. Settling with the rush of your mind, you feel fatigued from
the changes in your body and thinking, resting in a position you find comfortable. You doze off
relatively quickly, the shifting of your body tiring your muscles and your curiosity rushing your
mind to feeling groggy.

Written by Arogard on 03 May 2012

The end (for now)
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