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She met with Pammy at a small coffee house on the way to school. The pompous bistro was still opening its door when the two of them walked in for a quick coffee. With her paws wrapped around the cup, Danielle tried to chase away the weariness of last night and the encroaching headache. It seemed that this new form didn’t prevent her from having to deal with hangovers.


She knew that somehow she had walked out of the club and met with Pammy and David to get back home, from climbing back inside of her bedroom, and crashing into her bed, but she hardly remembered doing it.


"So, where did you disappeared to ?" Pammy said, "We had thought you had disappeared with someone to the backrooms."


Danielle blushed, this wasn’t exactly what had happened, but she still didn’t know how to explain to Pammy what she had discovered. Last night's event was still replaying in her head, defying any logic. Her thoughts were in tangles, her eyes were dry and heavy, and she couldn't concentrate.


"You wouldn't believe this wannabe hardcore bad boy that came talk to me after you walked away," said Pammy. "He had this stupid look on his face and tried to be way too edgy. In all honesty, he looked like some spawn of Dracula."
"You had fun with him?"


"Didn’t I ever? Had him buying me drinks all night, just to see how far he wanted to go."


Danielle giggled, somehow, she had memories of Pammy doing this thing to others of her unwanted admirers.


The tigress smiled, hearing her friend tell her stories of the night.


Maybe this wasn’t so bad at all, she certainly could get used to this.


Written by Ashley-natter on 01 May 2018

The end (for now)
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