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Unfortunately, there's nowhere else to get breakfast. The water that drained off of your lawn seems to have ended up... well, everywhere else. Your house now occupies most of a small island in the middle of the ocean.


...Which is strange, you think, since your house wasn't on a hill, or even all that much higher than average.


You're just about to give the sugar-fish a second chance, for lack of anything better, when you notice a few other islands in the distance. One of them looks like your stereotypical desert island - a kneecap-shaped lump of sand with a single palm tree growing from the middle. It even drops a coconut while you watch.


You're fairly sure that wasn't there yesterday. You probably would have noticed something like that a block from your house.


The second island looks a bit more promising. The beaches are white sand, surrounded by clear blue water and topped with much healthier-looking palm trees, like something out of a tropical vacation postcard. The middle of the island seems to be mostly jungle and a few interesting-looking mountains. It would all be very picturesque if it wasn't for the giant serpentine coils in the water around it: your classic tropical island, surrounded by your classic half-submerged sea monsters. It's hard to tell from this distance, but they look about as thick as an average bus.


Those definitely weren't there yesterday.


The third island is, if possible, the weirdest. It's your local department store. At first, you think the weirdest thing is that the parking lot is empty, but that's really not that weird, given that it's entirely underwater. No, the really weird thing - you have to get your binoculars to see this - is that the outside seems to be turning into a coral reef. The bland commercial exterior has suddenly become much more interesting, thanks to the addition of coral and sponges and barnacles and sea anemones and so on. You half-expect to see fish swimming in and out of the automatic doors. The building looks like it's been underwater for years - which is odd, as it's one of a current total of two buildings (counting your house) that aren't.


This is all very interesting, but the other islands don't do you much good right now without a boat. You're not certain you're in good enough shape to swim that far. The sea monsters aren't exactly encouraging either. Between them and the sugar-fish, who knows what else might be in that water? Not to mention that there's something deeply suspicious about an ocean falling out of the sky. You don't know where it's been.


You're still hungry. Unfortunately, unless there are more islands hiding behind your house (a distinct possibility) or a boat hiding in your garage (it wasn't there yesterday, but you know how much that means), it looks like it's the contents of your refrigerator or nothing.

Written by Chrysalis on 31 December 2009

The end (for now)

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