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The door is the first thing you notice; massive, impressive, it stands there, a guardian that is standing in your way, unbreakable, unwilling to bend to your desire. It's duty is to guard the path to freedom, a simple task that it is going to fulfill until the end of time, even if nothing remains to make sure that it would still stand to do so.


What is such a barrier composed of? By simply looking at it, you are unable to determine what sort of material it is composed of, making you wonder what kind of great minds must have gathered to have assembled it in the first place. Or could it be the offspring of an artificial intelligence; either way, there is no chance to remove it from the path unless you figure out how to open it, but there are no keypad or anything of the sort that would be useful.


However, it isn't the only thing that stands out; the walls are white, as if this was some sort of medical facility, or a futuristic complex. Perhaps it is both; you are unsure what sort of purpose it is supposed to fulfil, but you have the impression that you will soon learn about it.


It seems pretty empty for the moment, but this is only a small portion of the room; having not explored the rest of it, it is normal that you are unable to determine if there is something else awaiting you in the depths of the shadows. Perhaps there is a hideous beast hiding in the dark, waiting for you to approach, craving the tenderness of the flesh for whatever obscure and alien motives it could be motivated by.


It is a terrifying thought, but you can't let such a theory stop you in your investigation. If such a case were to happen, then a solution would present itself; being afraid of a potential future was pointless, for it was also possible that nothing of the sort would happen. Such a fear would be harmful in the long run, for it would stop any possible exploration by encouraging phobias.

Written by zanian on 10 October 2015

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