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With little other choice, you opt for a brown, furry costume - it could be an otter, you think, as you slip into it. It’s warm, but not sweltering - and both the inside and the fur on the outside is very soft to the touch.


The second you finish slipping it on, however, is when the transformation begins.


At once, the suit seems to constrict around your body, yet not in a way that’s painful; instead, it’s like it’s fusing with your very skin. And as this is happening, you feel yourself briskly shrinking in size.


You try to grab hold of the strange suit to take it off, but your fingers are weaker, smaller. You see fur growing growing from the backs of your hands, the fur on the rest of the suit now feels like it’s YOURS. You also feel a number of other shifts occuring, all of them simultaneous.


You shrink down a few feet until you are about three feet tall, maybe a smidge taller. You’re now covered in fur completely, though the fur is lesser on some parts of your body, like your belly, your neck, your thighs.


The process wasn’t painful. Strange, yes, but there was no pain, for what that was worth. You are astonished, and rightfully so, by this event.


You stare at your smaller, chubby black fingers, flexing them to make sure they still work correctly. They do, but they are much smaller, just like you. You check your feet and see they are tiny and clawlike, and that you’ve also gained a tail that swishes around behind you.


You bring them to your face and feel the smooth fur there - your features have grown rounder, your ears are smaller and higher up on your head. You also have small whiskers poking out from your cheeks! They are very sensitive to the touch, and you recoil when you mess with them too much.


You start to move. You find walking on two legs is possible still, but it feels strange. You feel a compulsion to lean down and move on all fours like an actual otter and, after a few seconds of pondering whether you should or not - it sounds crazy how you want to do it - you lean down and find that, shockingly, you can move much easier on all fours.


Your body reacts smoothly to the change in posture. You scurry around the room for a bit, mostly getting used to this new way of moving. You stop after about a minute, maybe two, and look around, only to see there is now a door where you don’t recall a door being on the wall across from you.


It’s a small door, brown in color, big enough for someone of your new size to walk through.


You frown. Your lips twitch, and you walk over to it slowly, unsure if this is a good idea or a trap. None of this makes sense, and you know it, too.

Written by Hollowpages on 25 April 2019

Through the Door

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