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You watched as your mother vacced up the mist as if she were the Ghostbusters. Suddenly a deep rattling began to ring from the depths of the shop vac. The hard plastic shell began to shake out and shutter as if it was just as terrified as you. With a loud bang, the machine suddenly exploded in your mother's hands, knocking her back into the shelves behind her. She was knocked unconscious, and the misty grey form was scattered about the room. It had now begun to take shape, a tall slender figure, yet slightly muscular, and with a thick suit of armor lining its body.
"Thank you for freeing me. The substances you were mixing ws in part my essence" he turned to show you a gilded plate badge, the same one as your own. Your eyes widened as you realized the ghost was your kin, and before long, your stomach started feeling a heavy anxiety as your mind thought about the possibilities which brought you here. "Have you ever noticed anything weird going on around the castle? If so that was all a result of the curse." Your eyes opened wide as you thought about everything which didn't make sense from your childhood, memories flooded your mind, though you knew it was merely a residual effect from the costume. "Now that I am free, and your mother has been dealt with, you can have more say for what goes on, and I know you will do the right thing.
From that day on, you begin by locking up the queen after having discovered more proof of betrayal to her kin. Following that you informed your father and brother having helped you confirm the oddities and misdemeanors, you had won. The day you all sent her off was the day you began your long reign over your realm and shortly after you had received a firm knock at your door.
To your surprise you found a folded mound of clothes labeled with a sticky note 'queens garbs' you instantly recognized them as a new transformation. The smooth silk like fur was cool on your own as you draped it over your arm to get a better look at the grey woollen material. You had no hesitation when you slipped the smooth skin over yours. Your body tingled as you felt your fur brushing against the tight woven insides of the new costume and the excitement clutched you in a tight grip as you felt the furs becoming tighter as it meshed into your own body like water. The last thing you remember before your next journey was watching your own smiling face as it was engulfed in a bright white light.

Written by Driftingdragon on 13 June 2020

The end (for now)
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