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“...Alright, fine, man. But if this is a stupid prank, don’t expect me to believe you the next time you come crying wolf, alright?”


Daniel felt a wave of relief wash over her as Allen gave in, honestly glad he wouldn’t have to keep going back and forth with his buddy.


“Yeah, yeah, totally! You got it, man. Just come over to my place as soon as you can; I’ll wait for ya.” Daniel assured, smiling for the first time that morning; if anyone could help, it’d be his pal.


“See you in 20 minutes.”


With that, Allen hung up the phone and Daniel put the device down on his desk. Only then did Daniel finally relax, plopping herself down on the bed with a heavy groan. Jeez, all this stress over a weird tiger body, of all things. Rolling over on her bed, Daniel clutched at her pillow; only to help as she realized her claws were digging into it. Quickly, she recoiled and got up hastily, shaking her paws and glancing at the pillow; it had a few holes scattered on it, with pillow fluff starting to seep out. A sigh of inconvenience escaped her lips, but Daniel straightened up and got off the bed pretty quickly, unwilling to rip apart her covers next.


Glancing at her paws, Daniel flexed her claws a little and tilted her head as curiosity overcame her, mingled with that same sensation of fear as before. It felt odd, to be able to pop them out and ease them back in - and of course, for all that to be done out of nowhere. She wondered if there was an easier way to control them; after all, her claws had just come out earlier, digging into the pillow - granted she’d realized it quickly, but still. What if she shook someone’s hand and her claws popped out? The panicky, anxiety-ridden thoughts struck Daniel again and she shook her head, trying to clear it.


Breathe, just breathe. I’m gonna be fine. All I gotta do is wait for Allen to show up and he’ll know what to do. When I’m with a friend I’ll be calmer, I know it. Daniel thought to herself in the hopes of lifting her uneasy mood; it helped a little, but not much.


Uneasy, Daniel straightened up and made her way over to the window, glancing outside anxiously, as if she expected Allen’s car to appear any second now. Biting her lip, she didn’t notice her tail was swishing rapidly back and forth behind her as she looked out the window. Daniel hesitated for another moment before she turned away from the window and began to make her way out of the room. Maybe she could stay with her mom while Allen came - surely she could convince her mom that something was wrong? Heading down a flight of stairs - and quite nearly tripping over her tail - Daniel got downstairs and scampered into the kitchen, where her mother was making lunch.




Daniel spoke up nervously, peeking around the corner and glancing over at her mother; she was named Katherine, and was a woman in her 40s-50s, with long brown hair and fair skin. She stood in the kitchen making a few sandwiches for lunch, pausing to look over her shoulder at Daniel with an oddly calm smile.

Written by Jasondicks on 29 September 2019

The end (for now)
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