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A towering guildhall looms before you, its regal red brickwork inlaid with bands of smooth white stone. You ascend its wide marble steps, through huge wooden doors carved with the guild's symbol, a black anvil, and into the dark shadows and cool air inside.
You enter a room, its walls orange in the glow of many torches. Shadows dance wildly across the walls like fragments of a nightmare, appearing for a moment before disappearing forever into darkness. The creatures in here are a curious lot of various human and animal traits. All turn to look at you, some with eyes like a doe's, others with eyes like a hawk's.
"How are you still alive?" one of them asks "You still are fully human"
"What do you mena?" you ask in response.
"You have no idea what we are talking about? If you don't have any dungeon taint then your humanity is at risk."
"My humanity?" you ask. One of the creatures rolls her eyes and sighs, beckoning you over to her.
"It is very rare for someone to avoid all taint. Let me have a look at you"
As you step towards her, she puts a hand to your chest and her eyes flicker. She laughs, a strange noise like a squelching pipe being slowly deflated "You are safe for now small one but if you gain much more then you will soon be beyond even my help."
"You need to go into the dungeon and gain a buffer. That will keep you safe."
"What's a buffer?" you ask.
"While we are no longer in the dungeons, we will lose our humanity if we do not replenish our taint. We must go and replenish ourselves, lest we be overwhelmed by the shadows."
"What's going to happen to me?" you ask, scared.
"You are going to go through a dungeon and you will be safe" she replies instantly.
Other creatures have approached carrying basic gear.They get you fitted with the gear and soon you are standing at the dark entrance to a stairway down.

Written by Ai Dungeon on 09 April 2021


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