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Daniel goes to select the male option and his finger stops moments away from pushing it. As he tries to fight his finger moves down to the female option.


“Good” he hears and turns to see two people looking at him, one male one female.


“Hello Daniel” the older looking one says. “It is nice to meet you in the flesh rather than in your mind”


“What are you doing to me?“ he asks and then adds “ and my mind?”


“I am not doing anything. My apprentis however, she is practicing her telekinesis on you. After all there is no way you would normally pick female right? As for the mind do you remember the dreams? That was us bringing you here. And this is another division, not us.” he days answering the questions before smiling “Of course now I have distracted you and she has taken advantage.”


Daniel turns to look at the screen and the words fill him with dread. “Choice confirmed. Full Female German Shepherd. Please enjoy the change. ”


Sticking out from his hand is an empty syringe, the veins glowing but fading as the liquid spreads out.


The scientist comes back in. “That was an interesting choice you just made. Please follow me and we will get you settled in while your change occurs.”


Written by catprog on 03 March 2018

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