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“You should have said that at once, what kinda of chimera is that?” You asked more relaxed, but still watching the shadows in the corner for any suspicious movements.
The form coalesced for a moment, becoming almost material. “You’re looking at it, you will be granted the form and powers of the Sphinx. I have been kept as a prisoner of the demons for centuries now, my spirit has managed to escape their vile claws, but to survive I’ll need a physical body to inhabit.”
“A Sphinx,” you muttered, rubbing your chin. “Damn, that must be incredibly powerful, this must be part of the new update they have been teasing!”
“So, you accept my deal?” The Sphinx asked, tilting its head to the side.
“Yes, I accept,” you spoke aloud, kneeling in front of the Sphinx. Your equipment was immediately stripped away by the game, leaving you naked.
Moving closer, the Sphinx walked into you and in a moment of glorious warmth your spirits merged into one. You were thrown into a dark, unreadable torpor as your body began to stir and grow.
“Don’t fight it,” you heard the creature speaking with your own voice. “Let it happen.”
Tightening your fists, you allowed your mind to sink trough the new ideas and concepts that flooded your mind. Already there was pale golden fur spreading through your legs, rejecting the impositions of your human form. You looked around through the feeble, impossible light to see your nails growing into claws, digging deep into the stone floor.
At the end of your tailbone, a long tail emerged, ended in a tuft of fur, stretching and lashing about. For a brief moment, you could see the infinity of motes that was the existence hanging in the space between realities.
Then just as quick, this new sense disappeared and you are enveloped in darkness. You were plunged down into that blackness, into a very different world that now felt thick and enclosing.
Groggily, you raised your head from the floor, trying to brush off the fur that spread through your body, but it just kept spreading, growing on your arms and legs, golden and lush. You reached a shaky hand into your face as it changed into a muzzle, your eyes adapting to the darkness that surrounded you in a moment. From between changing teeth you said, “F-king’ h-ll.”
In a moment, you were back in your schoolroom, but knowing it was just one of an infinitude of ever branching realities. The students were walking in, all of their many possibilities existing at the same time.

Written by ashley-natter on 17 July 2019

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