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There was something calming about the way the chorus was sung by the numerous villagers above. The bright light shining down on you and your new friend caused his bright fur to glow beautifully in the sharpened beams, and the subtle smell of fish seemed to entice your scavenger senses. Despite wanting to sink your teeth into the fish, you figured that this practice was too sacred to merely eat one of these beloved delicacies. You even wondered to yourself if these people knew how popular fish were as dinner around the world, but you decided to keep quiet as you thought about the repercussions of soiling such a deep-rooted cultural practice.
Your eyes glowed bright with curiosity as you and Decatur walked through the pulpits to find a seat below. Tiny droplets of water splashed onto your thick waxy fur, before slowly sliding from your shoulders and arms, tucked comfortably together as you slightly struggled to fit in the thin rows of seats.
“Isn’t it beautiful?” the young boy said, not even daring to break eye contact with the basketloads of fish as their scales twinkled in ascension.
“Yeah! They’re so iridescent” you said as you watched a particularly large bass plop, flopping in the woven grass mesh. The two of you sat and watched for a while before he turned to you yet again.
“You know, this may surprise you, but I’m the prince of this town. Sorry to have told you so late in the game, but if you’re interested, I can get you a really good job here if you’d like to move.” your eyes opened wide with surprise, despite this, you tried to keep the rest of your composure, trying to not signal to him your intent; you especially didn’t want to isolate him by your reaction, one you had gotten all your life.
“Oh nice! I’d be more surprised by that if I wasn’t a princess myself.” you said blushing. To your surprise, the young man nearly jumped out of his seat.
“What! Why didn’t you tell me this before? Oh my god I am so embarrassed.” you felt a bit nervous, as if he had caused too much of a scene for what it was worth. Nevertheless you remained seated there awkwardly with your hands folded on your lap. You giggled, wondering how he could have even mistook you for anyone else with the frilly, beautifully made dress you were in. Never minding that, you continued the conversation.
“That’s fine, I get that a lot.” the lies began to roll off your tongue as if it were nothing. “Well you know, I actually am looking for something to do here. You see I’m a pes-”
“Hey, you know what, why don’t you take a job here in the congregational building?!” he said, cutting you off, and overshadowing your response with something which caught your attention even more.
“Wait what?” you replied.
“Yeah! We always need more workers here, as you can probably tell, we don’t have that many people livin here, so yeah!” he smiled and nodded.
Something about his sparkling demeanor caused you to actually ponder working in such a shanty town. Though your mind raced faster than you could have stopped it.
“Okay sure!” you said. And the same day he began your training. After the daily ritual had ceased, he took you into the back of the building and showed you some of the machinery. It took a while, but you quickly figured out how to operate it, and by the following day, your job was in full commission.
It didn’t take more than a few days for you to fully get the hang of it, and the way you handled the new job seemed to satisfy not only yourself, but all of the other members of the congregation as well. You quickly became one of the most popular people in the town, not only because of your amazing demeanor, but also because of your stylish garbs. It was clear to everyone that you had the most fancy clothes of them all, and you had almost become known exclusively for that.
The loving townspeople revered you as a pillar of their community, and you had become rather close to Decatur as well. One day, a random gift was left at your doorstep, you had no idea what it was, but when you opened the cardboard box your heart leapt out of your chest when you saw the silken material of your next transformation.
With all of your hard work and acceptance of this new culture, you felt as if you truly deserved this one. After explaining the meaning of this to your friend, he helped you climb your taur body into the suit, much easier than it would have been otherwise, and by the time you fully found yourself engulfed in the thin fabric, you felt your body beginning to melt away.
It was as if your body and mind was merging into one as the world around you began to spin and morph, the adrenaline of your next transformation tingled through your body as if you were covered in ants, though their cool touch seemed to calm you even more. In the flash of a moment you felt yourself being transported to the next species, your new life was completely unbeknownst to you, and only moments away as you waited to open your eyes yet again.

Written by Driftingdragon on 09 September 2020

The end (for now)
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