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They all got out of the car and climbed over the fence, boys throwing the backpacks over. It was dark, gloomy place, but clearly vacant. Moss was covering some areas and the grass began growing though the gaps in concrete. There was no sign of anyone visiting here for years and Daniel tried to relax.


But the feeling of being watched was back and he couldn´t stop himself from glancing over his shoulder every now and then. Shaking his head, he tried to push that thought away. He was with his friends after all. Nothing to worry about.


“Here,” Gassan pointed to one of the buildings. “We should start here.”


“Yes, we should start here,” Pammy repeated mechanically.


Daniel glanced at her with a frown. It wasn´t like Pammy to act like this. She was proud to be unique and the centrum of attention, the most popular girl at school. It didn´t sound right for her to repeat things said by others.


Thinking about it, all his friends had been acting strange lately.


But this didn´t feel like right time to talk about it. He could ask them tomorrow. Maybe they were just tired after all the tests in school.


“So, here?” he asked, entering the building. “People?” Daniel turned around to check his friends. But there was no one behind him. He frowned and walked back to the door, but it slapped closed so abruptly that he jumped up.

Written by lulu-illussions on 15 January 2018

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