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You slip your feet carefully into the leg holes of the brown, furry costume. It has a strangely smooth texture on the inside, and it clings an awful lot everywhere you touch it, prompting you to pull it back off so that you’re able to push farther down. It’s a long, annoying process, but eventually your feet touch down at the bottoms of the leg holes, and your legs settle rather comfortably in place. It feels very tight, yet not uncomfortably so. You stroke the calves of the suit, now attached to your own, and it amazes you how much it feels like real animal skin. You grasp the limp, fake canine tail hanging behind you, amused at the thought of being able to actually feel and control it.


Next, you plunge both of your arms into their sockets, twisting and squeezing them farther in until your fingers find each of their holes and make their way in. Feeling the strange, fleshy material all around your fingers is oddly appealing, and just like your legs it’s just the right amount of tightness. The tiny claws on your fingers may take some getting used to, yet it almost feels like this suit was made specifically for you...


With your arms in place, you raise them up, forcing the suit farther up your body, enveloping your torso in the sensations of the suit. You pull the front of the neck of the suit up and press it against your own, then reach back, grasping the flaps of the zipper to make sure they’re properly in place. With an awkward effort, you grip the zipper on the bottom of your back and pull it upward, sealing your body more thoroughly into the suit. The cold, rubbery grip of the suit sends lovely shivers through your body, tighter and tighter as you pull the zipper all the way to the top. The two fake breasts on the front of your body feel strange, but you’ll get used to it.


Finally, you grab the head of the costume, a simple German Shepherd hood, and slide it very carefully onto your face. The gooey material presses tightly against your face and hair, making it somewhat of a trial of adjust it into place. Eventually you manage, and you bring your eyes in line with the eye holes and your mouth with the small breathing holes. Your entire body is now hidden under the fursuit... except for the skin around your neck. Hold on... how are you supposed to seal the mask to the rest of the suit? There doesn’t
seem to be any obvious mechanism that allows that to happen.


Suddenly, you feel a strange twitch in your leg. You wince in pain and bewilderment. What’s going on? Is the suit too tight after all? It happens again, then again in the other leg. Then, all at once, your entire body begins to spasm, and you fall to your knees, groaning and heaving shakily through your now restricted airways. Is the suit doing something to you?! You try to yank the mask off, but it won’t budge. Somehow it’s now sticking even more strongly to your skin than before, and your attempts to remove it hurt as much as if you had tried to remove your own face.


The suit begins to squeeze your entire body with extreme force, as though the suit is a balloon being inflated and yet can only expand inward toward your body. It quickly becomes unbearable; you can feel your trembling body being compromised and twisted under the renewed pressure of the suit. You hear a pop! Pop! Pop! Plunk! sound, and the zipper falls to the ground under your chest, seeming to have somehow detached itself from the suit. You shakily reach back with one hand to feel your back… and it’s still sealed. Where the zipper used to be you can only feel the fluffy surface of the suit. You grasp for your neck... but the mask has already somehow sealed itself to the suit, closing the large gap that once revealed your human neck. How is this possible?!


Just then, the immense pressure begins to give way to a wholly different sensation... one you could not possibly describe. It feels almost utterly agonizing, yet incredibly satisfying; your body spasms more violently than ever before, and you can feel the suit... infiltrating your body, disrupting its structure... molding it, it seems. Making itself a part of you. Your mind is simply too overwhelmed to process everything that’s going on, and you certainly can’t muster the effort to try once more to pull it off.


You hear several cracking and splitting sounds, and severe yet heavily dulled pain racks your legs as the suit twists them away from their normal human shape; your feet become longer and leg bones shorter, and your 5 toes are forcefully merged into 3. Your heels shrink into almost nothing, and with a final snap, your legs become fully digitigrade with 3 equally sized parts in a zigzag pattern. With the worst of it over, the suit quickly gets to work on the rest of your body.


The pain wracking your entire body seems to ebb away, leaving only that surreal feeling of… satisfaction? Pleasure? Comfort? In any case, the suit has gone beyond the point of no return; the skin beneath is all but gone, and now the suit, for all intensive purposes, has inherited its role. Your face is forcefully stretched forward until it becomes a canine snout, and your eyes begin to grow and reshape until they fit perfectly to the mask’s eyeholes. Your muffled groans change dramatically in tone and pitch, until it becomes a whine, a sound much more appropriate for a dog. Then, for a moment, the spasms come to a stop, and your body relaxes. Is it over?


Then, the strangest and scariest sensation of all begins; the sudden feeling that your face is being ripped apart. You whine in pain, and your senses momentarily go haywire as your face suddenly splits into two, then three parts, and each of them rapidly constructs themselves into fully functional canine faces. It’s the most surreal moment you’ve ever experienced; suddenly you now have 3 mouths, 3 noses, 6 ears and 6 eyes, and somehow have the capacity to control them all at once. A shocked chorus of yelps escapes your mouths, and you glance around in 3 directions at once, reaching up with your new paws to feel each of your faces, and recoiling, dumbfounded, as you’re able to feel every sensation on each individual face, as though each one was the only one you owned.


Now, the process is complete; you have become an anthropomorphic, female Cerberus! And before you have the chance to really process any of it… a blinding white light fills your tripled vision, and once it clears, you find yourself standing just outside a humble village, populates with… more 3 headed dog people? They approach you, somehow seeming to have expected your presence. They somehow communicate to you that there’s a place prepared for you, and you’ll have to stay in it for at least a week. You stand there, still in shock of everything that’s happened to you. Now you’re expected to just… live the way this new form dictates? How can you possibly adjust to it? In any case, seems like you have no choice. You reluctantly accept their invitation, and head toward your new home…

Written by Dead_Monsoon on 03 August 2019

A Home

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