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Following her out of the room she goes through the doorway and ends up in an operating room.


Looking behind herself their is no trace of the door.


"Please lay on the bed and we can begin. Or just stay in the room for a long as you like" calls a voice over the speakers.


"You are not getting me to submit that easily" she calls out as she walks along the edge of the room looking for any hint of a door. Ears twitching for any sound of wind.


"Look at you, pacing the room like the caged beast you are. Just get on the bed and we can begin the procedure."


"Stop calling me a beast, I am human despite what you are doing to me." she growls, the animal in her coming out even more.


"Well, once we are done today you will look even less human then before." comes over the speaker.


"Just let me out and stop this"

Written by catprog on 16 February 2020

Get on the bed

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