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Apparently someone could hear him, unless random electronics falling from the sky was a regular occurence. Not to mention pain was something dream rules seemed to have conveniently forgotten. Once Daniel was done rubbing his head uttering every curse he knew, he stooped to pick up what had fallen. It was a pretty small, plastic toy that fit easily into his hand. The face had a very simple eight-bit screen and several buttons around it. There was even a belt clip attached to the top.


Did they seriously just throw a childrens toy at him?




They were not about to elaborate on their intentions with this device either, just continuing to hide behind trees like Daniel was unaware of their presence. Daniel was fine with that. The times when they were a lot more up close and intrusive were the really disturbing dreams. This was almost a relaxing change of pace.


Until he started randomly pushing buttons. Each one gave off a short beep that caused the little screen to flash a different color. Blue, red, yellow, purple, pink, Daniel found himself starting to get fascinated with the different color combinations he could make out of this. It was not like he had anything else to do.




Written by DesmondFallout on 13 July 2018

Both Awake

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