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6 people are deposited on an island.


The 1st night someone accidentally activates a barrier.


In the tv studio the producers quickly realise that they can't get anybody out or in but the automatic cameras' signals are still working. They decide to relabel the show as fiction.


Now which character do you wish to start with?

Written by catprog on 17 December 2000

A Lake with a Secret star emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You look up and down the beach expecting something else to happen but the blue barrier stays how it is, unyielding and not allowing you to pass. You thought this was to good to be true when you were offered a free ticket into a popular new game show.
When you decide nothing else is going to happen you decide to head inland and look for a reasonable home to camp out in for the rest of the season. You also will be needing a water source.
As you are walking through the island you come to find out that it was bigger than you had previously thought and now you are stuck in the middle of a jungle.
Panic starts to set in, and you start to believe you won't survive for long, which may be true. Then you notice a lake sparkling in the sun rays that make it through the jungle leaves.
Your hopes seem to have improved a smidge, so you go to check it out hoping that it will be a reliable water source. When you get there though you discover a cave perfect for your needs. And it is even out of reach of the water enough you won't have to worry about it flooding.
Soon you have a little bed made up of leaves made along with a fire crackling away.
Your lips are drying out now you realize and so you go to the pond to get a drink. When you look at yourself you notice that a girl is looking back at you. You move your right hand and so does she. You reel away from the water and touch your chest. Still very much a man. When you return to the water though she is still there.


Should you drink from the Water? OR should you find a new source to drink from?

Written by Anonymous on 11 March 2013

Mirror Mirror emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide that you are hallucinating from the lake of water so you cup your hands and plunge them into the cold clead water. You drink greedily from the clean water letting the cooling feel of the water soothe your hoarse throat. You finish drinking after about three more hand fulls. A buzz starts to fill your body and suddenly you feel sick to your stomach. Was it the water? Then you feel your organs rearranging themselves inside of you. You feel one or two more growing as well and that is followed by a pulling in your groin as you manhood is being taken. Then you feel a warm tingle in your chest as two orbs grow outwards.
You realize in horror now that you are a girl! The last few touches come now as you hips grow in size and your waist slims out giving you some nice curves. Your fingers, arms and legs become more feminine, and you face transformas into a beautiful face angled in just the right way.
You feel like you're going to faint, but should you fight it or let it come?

Written by Anonymous on 11 March 2013

Fight It emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You try to fight it. The last thing you need is to pass out and be eaten by some animal... not that that's the worst thing you imagine can happen. You feel faint as the transformation seems to have drained a lot of your energy. You are still not sure what had happened but you instinctively push a hand down your throat, causing you to gag and bend over, barfing some of the water out of you.


"ugh..." you still feel a light lightheaded, perhaps even more so as you feel like you have a migraine. Your thirst is replaced by a weariness and tiredness which you don't think is normal. Having little time to process this you take out your canteen, taking deep breaths as you bite your tongue. You don't have time to process this! You fill the canteen with water, maybe it will reverse your gender again, but honestly you don't want to go through the ordeal again.


"Hello?" you ask, remembering that this is all part of the show, right? You are being filmed are you not? It all makes sense now! Did they drug the water to cause you to hallucinate in order to boost popularity, views and reviews? You feel angry at this.


"This isn't funny! This isn't in the contract!!!" you declare angrily. Sure surviving and foraging are all part of the plan, but changing your gender and or drinking poisoned or drugged water!? What are the producers thinking!?!?!? You angrily bit your lip as you ponder your options. Do you decide to drink from the water again or not?


Written by Luksinatriks on 02 December 2017

Chose not to drink from the water. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

Better not risk it! You decide, god knows what they have put in this water and maybe your even lucky your only hallucinating this. Still... it did quench your thirst somewhat so you decide to bring the canteen in the case you don't find any other source of water. Despite yourself you see that it is fairly late and you decide to make a makeshift shelter here. With great effort you manage to gather some leaves and sticks and with little luck you find a hollow tree which you decorate and enhance to be a rather good shelter.


"ah." You meekly exhale as you put down your equipment. You still do not know how to feel about this. On one hand you are pretty confident that your drugged and that the producers are messing with you but you are stuck here... just they wait until you get a lawyer! On the other hand that woman you saw was rather beautiful, do you really look like her? Are you her? Do you want to be her? Such questions protrude your mind as your tired head feels heavy, your eyelids lowering themselves as you drift off to sleep at the first day.

Written by Luksinatriks on 12 December 2017

Reaction! emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"BZZZZZzzzz!" you are snapped awake by a rather loud noise as you feel the earth tremble beneath you. An earthquake? You don't know was this in the contract or was it just a natural occurrence? Maybe you are still under the effect of whatever it is that was in the water you drank! Going out of your shelter as the tremors stop you are reassured that it is indeed still night time but you gasp.


"What in the?" you ask as you see that the nights sky is... well, blocked. Like your in some sort of a dome and while you are confident that whatever this dome... light... thing... is you don't think it bodes well for you. This is starting to feel more and more real for you and you want to get out of this freak show! You came here to survive but so far you had your gender switched by that blasted water and now you....


"Crap!" you curse as you see that the barrier extends all the way across the isle, not that you have a very good view from this point but you can see it curve and have a bit of an angle. Are they making sure that you don't leave this isle? What do you do?

Written by Luksinatriks on 17 December 2017

Continue sleeping, choosing to think about all of this in the morning emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You decide to continue your sleep. If this is indeed the consequence of some drug you will most likely digest it by morning, you think and if all of this is real... well... your in no state to make sound rational decisions.


You go back to your shelter and try to cudle against the bare, dead tree, looking for warmth in this damp place. What have you gotten yourself into!?

Written by Luksinatriks on 22 December 2017

A rude awakening emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"Um... hello? Hello!" You shift as you faintly hear someone speak. Your eyes begin opening and widening as you feel the usual morning blues. You see a rather young man standing above you, just outside your shelter. He looks decent enough even if it is evident he didn't have a chance to shave and bathe for a day. Then it hits you! You start recalling the events of last night. You immediately get up, nearly hitting yourself on the head as the man raises his arms defensively. "Woah there woah! I mean you no harm!" he says and you look at him as you get up. You don't know what to say as you touch your breasts, you are indeed still a woman. The man for his part seems mildly uncomfortable. "Um... My name is Marcus." He begins. "Pleased to meet you. I was told there would be others here, but no one told me anything about that thing up there." He speaks trying to break the awkwardness.


"So Im not mad?" you ask him and he blinks at you. "Im not the only one who sees something fishy about all of this?" you ask him but then you realize. "The name is Quinn by the way, pleased to meet you Marcus." You say politely.


"Yeah... the tremors last night... coupled with the fact that I didn't see ANY cameras..." he says and then there is a pause. "I am lucky to have found you though. Im dying of thirst myself and you have found yourself a nice little lake here." He says and turns towards the lake. Do you tell him about what has transpired to you last night or not?

Written by Luksinatriks on 25 December 2017

You chose to tell him emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

You think about how to approach the subject as you see Marcus go towards the lake, kneeling down and then you instinctively speak.


"Don't drink the water!" you call out loudly and he snaps, turning towards you. "Its... poisoned." You say, not knowing how to approach the subject.


"Pardon?" he asks, confused.


"Last night..." you begin slowly. He wont think your crazy, some odd things happened here and he could see it!!! "I came here I was thirsty myself... I saw the pond and... well, in it is a reflection of myself... as a woman." You tell him and there is a moment of silence.


"..." he looks at you oddly, wanting more explanation as you continue.


"I was a MAN when I came here!" you declare and continue before allowing him much time to dwell on things. "I saw myself like this" you point out. "And I was too thirsty to care. I drank the water and... and I..." you waver but continue. "I transformed... rather harshly... my head hurt and everything was spinning but at the end of it I looked like this!" you point out and his eyes go wide


"I believe you..." he says but ponders on it. "Still I am thirsty and we don't know where we can find another source of water... should I drink it and risk it?" he asks you looking for advice. You stop for a moment to think about his words.


Written by Luksinatriks on 28 December 2017

You tell him not to risk it. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"True true... perhaps something even worse can happen to me. You got off with only having your gender and body changed." Marcus says and nods. "We need to find the others and get our heads together... I mean if I recall there were six or seven of us..." he says and you contemplate his words.


"yeah..." you slowly say and think of your surroundings. Then it hits you, the summit! "Well... our best chance to meet someone is to go to the summit... Im sure the rest are either there or will go there soon enough... if nothing else we can get a good view of the entire island and decide what to do next.


"Great idea Quinn!" he says cheerfully as he gathers his things. You destroy and unpack what you can from your makeshift shelter, scavenging it for what little supplies you can. You two are ready to start your journey to the summit when Marcus looks at you.


"What?" you ask him impatiently.


"Quinn, do you want to try drinking the water again to see if it will change your gender back?" he asks your curiously. "not that I advise it! Who knows what this water can do and if it's the only thing on this isle that can do such things... but its our only way to find out." He says honestly and you contemplate his question. Do you:

Written by Luksinatriks on 31 December 2017

Say yes, the water makes you even more feminine. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

"Alright..." you say as you ready your canteen, Marcus watching you eagerly as you look at him. He gives you a reassuring look.


"Im here for you..." he says gently, knowing this could be hard for you as you do not know what could happen.


"And you can help me how?" you ask sarcastically and immediately regret it as he has a sad look upon his face.


"I don't know that much about medicine or how it is possible to change genders, but I will offer what little help I can." He says and you sigh, closing your eyes as you bring the canteen to your mouth, drinking from it deeply and deciding to drink it all in one go. The water goes down your throat and for a couple of seconds you don't even breath as you drink it all. Pulling the canteen down and exhaling as you clean your lips you see Marcus observing you.


"and?" you say impatiently. "I don't feel any different!" you boldly declare and immediately regret it as a sharp pain in your thorax and abdomen are felt. You grab your belly and fall down, moaning as Marcus gasps, placing a hand on your shoulder as you feel your chest go out, becoming bigger by about a cup. You gather the strength to look up, seeing Marcus confused and not knowing what to do as your eyes meet. "Whats... ugh... happening." You somehow utter as you feel your entire being tingle, becoming slightly more slim.


"I... don't know." Marcus says as you feel the wave of change cross your body once more as you struggle to get up, Marcus thankfully helping you up as you sense the change slowly subsiding before stopping completely, being done with altering your body once more. Your head hurts like yesterday but you can survive it.


"What do I look like?" you ask Marcus eagerly as he examines you.


"You look... prettier... more feminine with bigger breasts." He calmly declares and you exhale, sighing as you realize that the plan was a failiour.


"Lets just... get to the summit." You say as you pick up your things and as you two proceed towards the said summit.

Written by Luksinatriks on 12 April 2018

Go to the summit. emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

The walk to the summit is full of discomfort as you hack through the thick trees and bushes, all while your expanded breasts bounce uncontrollably with different sensations. "Can we sit down?" You ask, sweat starting to beam from your face.


"What for?" Marcus asks. You blush lightly and just mutter "I'm just, out of breath....."


"I guess so." Marcus says


You both look for a seat and eventually sit on a rock. It feels good sitting down, but also odd because of how cushioned your butt feels now.


Your mind trails off and you look down, feeling a small sense of dread at seeing your new curves and breasts.


As soon as you start thinking about it, you mindlessly start feeling your curves.


"Are you feeling alright?" Marcus asks.


As soon as you hear him, you immediately snap back to normal and look away. "Not exactly, this isn't the easiest getting used to.."


"Oh." He just keeps looking forward and after about a second you look up and ask if he wants to get walking.

Written by J.B. BJkowitz on 22 November 2020

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