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The walk to the summit is full of discomfort as you hack through the thick trees and bushes, all while your expanded breasts bounce uncontrollably with different sensations. "Can we sit down?" You ask, sweat starting to beam from your face.


"What for?" Marcus asks. You blush lightly and just mutter "I'm just, out of breath....."


"I guess so." Marcus says


You both look for a seat and eventually sit on a rock. It feels good sitting down, but also odd because of how cushioned your butt feels now.


Your mind trails off and you look down, feeling a small sense of dread at seeing your new curves and breasts.


As soon as you start thinking about it, you mindlessly start feeling your curves.


"Are you feeling alright?" Marcus asks.


As soon as you hear him, you immediately snap back to normal and look away. "Not exactly, this isn't the easiest getting used to.."


"Oh." He just keeps looking forward and after about a second you look up and ask if he wants to get walking.

Written by J.B. BJkowitz on 22 November 2020

The end (for now)
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