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"Of course I am" you said with confidence "I have fully been briefed, and had ample time to prepare for the... speech tonight."
"That is wonderful, miss!" Your courtman replied, "I will have the lectern properly set up for you as well, my princess." For a moment, you thought to yourself how it may be a bit difficult to figure out what it is you actually we're supposed to say.
"Well, it's my product, I should know enough about it to do something proper about it." your thoughts slid through your mind like a copperhead, and then it began to hurt. "I suppose, I must prepare myself" your words continued to ring in your head as you walked away. You steeled your mind for this speech, though it was difficult for you to concentrate as your slow gait took you closer to the sounds of the bustling crowd nearby. “Meeting?” You questioned to yourself, wondering how you could have possibly forgotten something so important.
You thought all you had to do was stand there and look pretty next to your latest invention. One of the most energy efficient oil motors you have ever produced, as well as the first of its kind. Your new ‘care’ invention would be revolutionary for the horse and carriage industry, and for some reason, you were sure about how well it would be perceived by the public.
“Maybe I should have just canceled.” You doubted yourself for the brief moment you stood behind the heavy silken curtains. “Hmm. I should be able to just wing it” You said aloud as you pushed your way past the tall robes stung high above your head.
You were greeted with a crowd which could have encompassed your parent’s entire kingdom. This was one of the first major appearances of your lifetime, so the tension was heightening, and your stomach began to tie itself in knots as you approached the gold-plated podium.
“Hello my people, I know you have all been waiting for me to unveil the fruit of my labor!” Your hands clutched the lectern hard, the face-down palms of your hands sweat as you spoke. “I am glad to have the chance to… speak to you! And… show you a demonstration of how great my vehicle is.” The crowd was absolutely silent as you walked from the pillar. From your peripheral vision, you could see your advisors standing behind the curtains on the outer sides of the stage; they seemed a bit panicked.

Written by Driftingdragon on 22 September 2020

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