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Your brown hair blew in the wind as you stand on your balcony, sun rising over the tall buildings. You look down at the ground below, the streets bustling with people, cars, busses, and the occasional garbage truck. The fast pace of the city becomes like a roller coaster of sounds and smells as you weave your way through an ant-line of other people down the streets of the busy city. Your mind continues to wander as you imagine yourself walking to and from work, school, your parent’s a hundred times before as you have.
You adjust your glasses and look at your pale palms as you ponder the life you are soon to live upon squirming into your new outfit. The icy wind of the city cutting through your face; you look out onto the water as you ponder your old life. The sound of the cold tile against your loafers cut through the empty white noise of your house as you paced your way back towards your completely white living room.
“These walls look like a hospital.” You think to yourself as you focus your attention to a fuzzy brown costume folded up on your couch.
You admire the fur from a distance, not fully believing for yourself that you picked this one because it matched your own hair color, you enjoyed that! Your head swivels around to close the curtains before sliding out of your neatly creased pants. You button down your shirt and undo your tie, standing before your outfit in your underwear. “This ought to work.” you say to yourself, feeling freer than ever in your house, as you tend to never spend much time nude; your heart begins to race.
You lay alongside the folded up costume. The fur gently tickles your bare skin as you stretch it out along your length as you lay on your familiar couch. “It’s show time.” you say to yourself as you begin to maneuver your feet into the thin fluffy sleeves of the jumpsuit, already feeling the body suit begin to mold to your figure, it forms a tight bond around your ankles, your calves, your knees and thighs. The deeper you go into the suit the tighter it forms around your body.
A feeling you could describe as skin deep pins and needles begin to take over your body as you feel the furs dig themselves into your epidermis, it’s painless yet slightly uncomfortable. You feel the fur starts to form around your neck as you slide your final arm into the sleeve and zip up the length of your outfit. The brown fur beginning to lengthen around your chest, you can begin to feel your spine sprout a tail straight out of your lombard, the force rolling you onto the floor.
You let out a small yelp as the trauma of you falling onto the floor frightens you slightly, you curl your tail uncontrollably, still barely used to the new limb. Your hands begin to form meaty paw pads, almost callused in texture, your fingernails elongating into long thin claws. The flailing of your fluffy tail knocks a few of your trinkets off your glass coffee table, causing a loud crash to be heard throughout your apartment against the reflective tiles.
The fur begins to form along the length of your neck, around your ears and eyes, and you can feel your teeth begin to grow into two jagged spikes. You reach up to feel them, biting your lip not yet used to your new maw. Before you even reach you face the appearance of your new hand surprises you; your boney fingers now covered in a short coarse fur. You gaze upon your lean new figure as you regain your bearings on the process of this transformation.
Your vision almost becomes tunnel focused to the door, as you feel the urge to run into the bathroom to see the entire extent of your new body. You launch towards the door on all fours and swing the hinges open. To your surprise you’re no longer in your apartment, but in your childhood home. Your parents' house?

Written by Driftingdragon on 27 November 2019


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