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Daniel took a deep breath and headed towards the door. It looked utterly ordinarily, but the green light was shining though all gaps around it. The light was weak and barely noticeable, but it was apparent that there had to be something on the other side of the door. Daniel slowly touched the doorknob. It was cold under his palm. He nervously licked his lips and glanced to his friends. They were all standing few steps behind him, waiting for him to open the door. Daniel turned back to the door and squeezed the doorknob in his hand.


He wanted to leave and forget the stupid dream, but he suddenly realized that he couldn´t move. His body was frozen in place and his heart was hammering against his ribs. Whatever was on the other side of the door, he needed to know. He needed to see it.


Sighing, Daniel surrendered to the calling of the mysterious room and he pushed the door open.


It opened easily, despite not being used for years. Daniel stepped into the spacious room. One of the walls was covered by the semi-transparent mirror, which was the only piece of the equipment which remained. The green light was emerging from the ceiling lights. Daniel looked up, but he only saw normal LED lights.


“It´s empty,” he called over his shoulder and continued exploring the room. There were darker areas on the floor, probably on the places where some things used to stand. The mirror reflected some of the green light and Daniel curiously walked to it. It looked normal enough and he nervously smirked at his own worried face.

Written by lulu-illussions on 17 January 2017

An empty room

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