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Edward Johnson is one of five war technology scientists who work for The Holocaust. He is responsible for the recent inventions of the Nuclear Grenade, Plasma Cutter, Super-Condensed Fuel, and Energy Absorbing Plating. He works and lives in the Sanctuary, a high tech bunker hidden deep within the heart of Mt. Everest. He is a middle aged adult with black hair and green eyes.


The Holocaust is an active rebel group that actively does everything it can to cause trouble for the Radinri. It was founded by a group of Russian military who had found the Sanctuary while hiding from from a Radinri scouting party. They secretively began to gather any survivors they could and now house a population of 376. The majority of the residents are one time military, a small group are made up of civilian refugees, and the rest are professionals in some field or other.


The Holocaust has a military group known as the Regime. They are equipped with energy absorbing armor, nuclear grenades, and Pea Shooters. Pea Shooters are small machine guns that shoot pellets, miniscule spheres of Tiranium. Tiranium is an alloy of Titanium and Uranium. Pea Shooters have approximately 1000 pellets per clip and have a firing rate of about 700 rounds per minute and Regime members are trained to be able to reload in two to three seconds.


Now that an explanation has been made, let us begin the story.


Edward sat at a Microscope, carefully examining a microchip. He muttered something under his breath as he jotted something down on a notebook sitting on the table next to him. He turned around as the door to the lab slid open and his colleague, Gabriel Kahn, walked in.


"Any success with the watch?" Gabriel asked in his German accent.


"Not really." responded Edward. "This technology is at least a few thousand years ahead of what we have. It will probably take me a year just to figure out exactly how it works, much less reverse it." He stood up and took the mug of coffee that Gabriel had been proffering to him.


He took a gulp as he sat back down. "What I really need, is to observe it's effects at a cellular level."


"Well don't expect to have multitudes of volunteers." Said Gabriel as he turned the light on at his desk and sat down. "You saw how wary everyone was. They treated it like a nuclear bomb."


Edward rubbed his eyes as he stood up. "I'm going to go get some rest. How long until breakfast?"


"About three hours, you've been up all night."


Edward walked over to the door and placed his hand on the needle pad, flinching slightly as it took a sample of his DNA and analyzed it. Every door in the facility was programmed separately with different DNA codes. If there was even the slightest discrepancy in your DNA, you would not be able to go through.


The door slid open and Edward slipped through. Each door was made of a Three inch sheet of wurtzite boron nitride sandwiched in between six inches of titanium. So far, nothing had been found that could pierce this particular compound.


Edward began walking down the well lit and slightly curved hallway in the direction of his chamber.

Written by neonsilver on 11 July 2015

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