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While sleeping you have a dream emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

While sleeping you dream of what seems to be a party, it looks to have been at your flat. There’s lots of people around except there’s a mix of those Anthro people and humans. The Humans and Anthro’s aren’t interacting and some of them are standing within each other. You look to your hands and see that they are no longer paws. Glancing up once more you see the girl whose body you woke up in doing the same, looking over her paws.


“You!” you call her and she looks up at you before looking around again. You walk up to her and study her. This is definitely the body you woke up in and it seems she can see you too because she seems to be studying you too.


“Can you see me?” you ask her.


“I can, are you..?”


“The body I woke up in?” you finish for her before continuing, “What’s going on?”.


“Like I have any clue.” She replies but it’s a bit hard to hear her from the music that’s going.


“Follow me,” You say aloud as well as motioning to move somewhere quieter. You move into your bedroom and sit on the bed. She does the same sitting off to the side.

Written by The Only One on 05 May 2018

The end (for now)

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