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You look around until you find a swordfish suit that looks unbelievably real.


You look around on the suit until you find a zipper you unzip it and put your legs then arms one at a time then your head. Your so surprised that you didn't notice the zipper come off until you hear it land.


Suddenly, you feel a pulling sensation on your arms, legs, and the suit its self. You try to get out of the suit but no avail. As you struggle you feel the suit as if it was your own skin, a chill goes down your spine at that thought.


You hear sicking sounds coming from your body as your fingers and hands deform and reshape into fins. Your arms continue to pull in to your body until all you have left are your newly developed fins.


The back of the suit has already pulled together and fused. You feel your flesh fill the empty tail.


Your legs continue to shrink and your feet deform and reshape into fins as you fall on your side. your neck fills up to your head and you find out you can no longer blink.


Your eyes move to the sides of your head while you ears shrink to nothingness. You feel your upper lip and your nose fuse fill in the sword like bill that is now yours you feel gills form on your neck. Also, you feel that you are going a bigger and gaining some weight.


You start to panic as you suffocate from the lack of air that you need and your eyes that are now burning like crazy. Suddenly, and without warning, a hole opens up and you fall through and hit the water.


It hurts a little bit but now you can breathe again and your eyes no longer burn. You feel the instincts of the swordfish start to replace your own. You try to fight back, hoping to get your humanity back but no avail and you give up.


You decide to swim off somewhere to explore your surroundings as well as your new self.

Written by DragonsXPS on 20 May 2007

The end (for now)

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