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You get your legs ready and jump off , spreading your wings to adjust the trajectory. Only for one of them to slide across the wall and causing you to stumble face first, well short of the target
“Yeah, the instincts of the form can take time to get used to.” He says smiling “Why don’t you walk to it before attacking”


You nod sheepishly and walk up to it and swipe your claws across it. A bit of the inside leaks out but now it spits at you. You feel a slight stinging sensation and respond by using your claws to pull it apart.


“So your first kill in the new body. ” a voice says in your mind “I was looking forward to using you for a boss. Next time you die I guess.”


“What was that?” you ask


“The dungeon,” Arron says “It gets inside your head, for next time you die.”


“You heard it?” you ask.


He shakes his head “Only the reborn do. It wants to use you for a boss right?”


You nod in response.


He smiles “Probably has a new floor somewhere it needs a boss for.”


“How many floors are their exactly?” you ask.

Written by catprog on 24 May 2018


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