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You Will Now Demonstrate the Value...of Not Being Seen. star star star halfstar emptystar

   Coming this summer... one unassuming man... DUN DUN...


   ONE evil genie... DUN DUN...


   And ONE catastrophe... that will change his life forever--


   "You can take your conditional wishes elsewhere, you ****!"




   "You are going to regret mocking me!"




   "You wake up noticing that there are dinosaurs all around.
As your mind take this in to account you notice you are transforming..."


   "Soon you are a full triceratops."


   And... he's a *lady.*


   BOOM "Dieceratops: Don't Let Him Get You."


   You're stranded in the Jurassic or whatever Wikkepidian time frame they existed in. The clock's ticking and not just the one that measures time. You don't know why the genie wants money but he said something about breeding and you're no longer wearing the daddy pants. It's time to get out, and fast! You blunder through the stinky jungles that time forgot, vision blurry and inadequate. You try to read the scents in the air but don't know the language.


   Nevertheless, through streams, strong-smelling plants and over scent-shunning rocks you lumber along, finally coming to rest in an empty cave somewhere away from where you were, practicing the art of not being seen. It's time for a plan, and it's going to have to be a whizz-bang one if it's going to have you overcoming an all-powerful genie over a gambit of eager male triceratops. Better start to plannin'.

Written by Mr.Peaches on 25 November 2006

The end (for now)
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