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In a room star star star star halfstar


The sign reads

"Welcome all new travellers.


To continue you must go through a series of doors.


After going through you will pick a costume. You will then become a half- human and half that creature.


After a week(100 mins a hour,20 hrs a day,10 days a week) has passed you may morph and get another costume. To start of with you will only be able to become 40% human to 60% human.


If you put on a costume you will then become that creature, be teleported to it's home town and have to wait a week before being able to morph.


After 50 costumes you may change into one of your other costumes and become 30% to 70% human. When changing costumes you must wait at least an hour before you can change costumes again.


100 different species/gender costumes allows you to gender-morph and become 20% to 80% human


200 different species costumes allows you to combine costumes and become 10% to 90% human


400 different species costumes allows you to return to your world with no more morphing


And 800 different species costumes makes a polymorph and allows you to morph outside of this world.


Also if you have a costume like a centaur then the human part will always be human and is counted towards the human percentage.


Any gender/species transformation magic of yours can only change your gender(if you have at least 100 costumes) and the animal part to a different animal.


When you change into a different costume (that you already have) you may teleport to that species home town but you will have the week penalty where you have no costume changes.


If you die while wearing a costume you will be reborn at the local inn (or appropriate location ). If you have more then 100 costumes you will lose the costume you had when you died and go to an appropriate place for your next costume.


If you fail to make it out in 100 years(100 weeks in a year) one of your possible forms will be chosen and you will be permanently stuck in that form(apart from magic) until you die. Also there will be no possibility of going back to your world.


Also, one final note: should you take a female form and become pregnant, you won't be able to change your gender until the child is born, though the other aspects of your form may change (the child will change to match.) That is all, and good luck!

You realise that you have to do what the sign said to do and go through the doors and grab a costume.


Alternatively you could use the key system to determine the room


Please type in a number 1 - 18


Number 1:
Number 2:
Number 3:


Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 11 February 2004

Air Creatures star star halfstar emptystar emptystar


You find yourself in what appears to be a glass room suspended high in the sky.


The stairs are blocked by a force field.


You realise you have to go through one of the three sky blue doors numbed 1,2 & 3.


What door do you want?


Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 11 February 2004

Myth Air star star star emptystar emptystar


You go through the door.


All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appears that you are stuck.


There are two more doors however and both of them have a sign on them saying
Costume room for

Element: Air
Type: Myth
Gender: ????


So which door do you want

Illustrated by catprog

Written by Catprog on 26 February 2004

Female Myth Air star star emptystar emptystar emptystar

You go through the door.


All of a sudden it slams shut and with no handle on this side it appears that you are stuck.


There are five costumes in this room, all of them female, all of them are myth air creatures.


Written by Catprog on 26 February 2004

Phenoix emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar emptystar

(Written with the help of AI Dungeon)


As the costume bonds to your skin the head feathers catch fire. You can feel the heat radiating from your body and as it burns hotter, you feel like you will burst into flames. The costume is burning hot against your skin and you cannot stop the transformation.


The costume burns through to your hair. Each strand clumping together to form feathers of fire. As the feathers burn brighter they begin to glow red. You look down at yourself in horror as you realize what you have done. Your eyes widen as you see that your arms are now glowing with an intense crimson light.


The ashes of the costume fall off your arms to revealing glowing feathers their as well. Your entire body is covered in flames. You scream in pain as the fire that runs through you burns with an intensity that has never before been felt. The fire running through your veins is the of purest gold and cold.


Your nose and mouth are being pulled out into a beak by the force of the fire. You begin to understand why the old stories of men being turned into birds had always scared you so much. You do not even have time to scream as your entire head is engulfed in flame.


The fire moves down from your head leaving glowing feathers behind. Strangely despite being next to a raging fire it only feels warm. That is until you start to burn through the skin of your feet. At that point your feet start to feel as if they are on fire.


Your toes begin to curl and uncurl in pain. You wince and scream in agony as your feet slowly start to fry.
Underneath your skin you see the strong talons of your new form. As the skin burns off the heat fades into the same kind of warmth. A cool air that only comes off a human that has gone through terrible pain.
You let out a scream as the fire engulfs your legs. Your body feels like it is being torn apart as the flames begin to burn the flesh from them.


The fire on top has now reached your chest. Rather then burning things off , you feel your chest expanding. Remembering the costume was a female you look down to see a pair of breasts forming. They are small, but there size is to be expected considering they are on fire.


The feathers continue to form as the fire flows over your body. Your chest is still expanding as the fire reaches your hands. You can feel your face stretching as your tongue tries to move inside your mouth. You cannot even scream in pain anymore, all that comes out are wails that only the wind can hear.


Your body is now completely engulfed in flames.


You spread out your arms as they finish forming into your new wings, your hands seem to be changing slightly less. While more wing then hand, they are still usable. You flap them a few times to test how they work and find that they are more then capable of flight.


Your body is now all one color of fire. It almost looks as if you are made of lava.


The fire moves on from your chest, while not as large as you feared they are larger then you would of preferred. You feel the fire moving down your body and you wince as your wings prevent you from stopping it.


Your new body begins to char and smoke as your cry in pain.


The fire below has finished with your legs and moves to your manhood, burning it away. You let out a scream that can only come from your new form. It is the most human sound you have yet to make.


Your body begins to crackle and spark as your inner fire begins to die down.


While internally it is starting to die down , the external fires are still blazing their way towards each other.
You lean forward and spread your wings as wide as you can to try and cool down your body. You fall forward as they are not yet cooled down but the winds push you up and over.


The room you are in is burning away to reveal your new home as the two ends of the fire race towards each other to finish your change.


You let out a roar as the flames race towards each other. Your mind races for some position where you might be able to stay but there is nothing. Your whole form is one big flammable zone.


The rush of wind from the outside stoke the fires burning everything away, leaving you flying under your own power.
You race through the air with your wings, enjoying the feeling of flight for the first time.


You are now an anthropomorphic phoenix.

Written by catprog on 08 September 2020

The end (for now)
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