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“I would like to be a Childcare Specialist.” You said, with confidence. She looked at you and expressed physical surprise.
“Okay? I see you’re a young woman who knows what she wants.” The thought shocked you for a moment. You had only chosen the female suit, the differences in gender didn’t seem like such a huge decision at the time, but now you were starting to recognize the nuances of femininity.
“Gotta be in this society.” you said as you maintained eye contact.
“One moment please” She said as she pressed a button beneath the countertop. “Someone will be right with you to escort you to the facility right away!” the receptionist conditioned.
“Sounds nice!” You said before looking over your eeshoulder at the guide, he gave you a quick smile and then turned away to leave. It didn’t take long before he was out of the building and out of your vision past the clear doors. You wondered where he was off to next.
You took a moment to wonder before you saw the figure of another female canine entering in through the large central doorway. She looked far more appropriately dressed for taking care of children; a bit less aesthetic than the receptionist, as if she were dressed for a more rugged job.
“Right this way Ma’am!” She said to you in a high pitched squeaky voice.
“She’ll take care of you from here okay, thank you!” the receptionist said before waving you off with the new young woman.
“Let me show you to the facility!” She said happily.

Written by DriftingDragon on 05 May 2021

The end (for now)
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