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Their pet? You tilt your head to the side and give him a cat frown, but they ignore the questions in
your eyes and push the smaller plate towards you.
“Why don't you eat while it is still warm, my little Skippy? It's better like that.”
You frown at the nickname – because it can't be your real name, whatever your real name is – but
you are hungry… so you bend forward and start eating. The meat is delicious, and with your new
heightened sense of smell you discover a taste to it that you would have never suspected. You end
up purring happily.
Maybe being a pet wouldn't be that bad after all. Blurred seems to be the one that has an answer to
your questions and he is bound to give you one day an appearance with speech, right? Even if he
doesn't look like he wants to tell you right away what he is up to… and that his behavior is highly
suspicious… it can't be that bad, right?

Written by Clayem on 22 March 2016

Live on your life as a winged cat.

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