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“Everyone! Be sure to stay together!” you called out before shooting into the water like a bullet almost instinctively, a few others were still scanning the surface, but not many of them went as far down as you had just to find the mother’s young child. In the chaos, it was starting to hard to make anything out clearly, but you still tried your best to keep yourself composed enough to spot the young seal as you searched around.
Your body was pushed around by the strong underwater currents and before long you found yourself almost swept into a rocky underground area. Fear started to grip your mind as you were being knocked around the sharp walls of the cave and you almost wondered if this was it for you.
A sigh of relief exited your lungs as you were spat out into an underground air pocket- some kind of massive cave opening underground.
“Hello? Help? Mom?” you heard a weak voice echoing out from the darkness.
“Hey! It’s not your mom, but she’s looking for you. Where are you at?” You asked. “Keep talking to me. I’ll come find you. Are you hurt?” Your heart was beating but you stayed strong as you followed the sound in the pitch darkness.
Before long, your eyes had fully adjusted and you watched a small dark figure inching towards you as you. You heard him whimpering and you could see that they were clearly hurt. Their tail was bent oddly and your heart sunk as you noticed the damage that the rough ride had done to his frail young body. “Heavens! You are hurt!”
“It’s okay. I’m not in pain. Aah!” He almost limped towards you.
“Come on, lets get you out of here.’ You said to him, getting behind him and helping to push him along. You used your human-like arms to help move his tail in a way that he wouldn’t feel pain when applying pressure to it. At this point, you noticed that the young child had some kind of spinal fracture. It must have been all those sharp rocks along the narrow snaking tunnel.
You figured you would be able to muscle yourself back out through the flowing water, but you also wondered if the young weak child would have been able to. “Don’t worry. I’ll try getting you out. We have to go through that hole, I’ll try pushing you. Okay?” You mentioned.
“Okay. “ He replied weakly. Soon after, you helped lift the young seal up to the hole and used both of your hands to slide him into the narrow passageway. You inched your way back up and fought against some of the water just to be able to get him out. You could tell he was having a lot of trouble swimming from the way he was jerking around painfully every time you tried pushing him forward. You wondered if he could even get him out from how small and weak your body had become. Though you had built bulk in a different way, somehow, being in this form seemed to impact your strength.

Written by Drifting Dragon on 19 September 2023

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