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You chose to become the legendary pokemon Rayquaza!


As you enter the portal to the pokemon world you suddenly double over in pain. You look at you hands and notice that scales start to form and turn green, also you notice that your clothes and shoes have disappeared.


You look at your hands again and notice that your index fingers and middle fingers and your ring and pinky finger start to fuse together, your hands start to reshape as scales continue down your hand you also notice that you are starting to get bigger.


Scales start to form on other parts of your body as your legs start to go numb as the scaly skin starts to pull your legs into your body.


You also notice that you are getting rounder and that a tail has formed. Yellow markings have started to form on you and black deep markings have formed on your body. You notice wing like appendages are starting to grow on your back and different parts of your tail which is still growing.


Your neck starts to lengthen and thicken (by this time your legs have completely disappeared and your body hair has completely fallen out).


Your mouth and nose protrude outwards and your eyes have moved to the sides of your head. Your lips have fused with your teeth and you notice that some of your teeth have disappeared and the ones that remain have sharped and relocated themselves which you feel with your thickening tongue.


Your eyes have changed as you look around and your sight is different (your still between worlds which means your still in the portal) you also discover that your other senses have increased. Your head starts to reshape to be the right size for a rayquaza and you find out that you can no longer talk but growl and roar and communicate like a Rayquaza as four more appendages that are smaller than the others come out from your skull.


Your body is also reshaping it's self little bit physically and it is changing a lot in the inside as you feel your organs reshape, relocate, disappear, appear, merge, separate, etc.


Your arms bulk up a little bit and round out themselves, and your shoulders round out to finish the transformation.


You are now a complete Rayquaza or are you complete yet. You are startled as a flash comes out from nowhere and you look at your Rayquaza body and you notice that your scales are black instead of green! and then you fly ahead to the end of the portal in the direction you were going and you are surprised that you ended up in the ozone layer of the pokemon world.



Written by DragonsXPS on 31 May 2006

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