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Daniel showed them which way he took, and when they arrived at the place, they immediately inspect the lab. Pammy didn’t show as much enthusiasm, unlike Gassan and the others. The girl still thought the worse out of Daniel.


The now unicorn girl was trying hard to make out of the newly broken mess. Perhaps if he could read the label that was once attached to the things, he could make some sense out of this?


“Here, let me help,” Gassan suddenly appeared right behind her, and she can’t help but to jump back a little bit. She can feel his ripped chest muscles brushing up against her back slightly as she did so, and the female unicorn quickly step away, putting some good distance between them.


Daniel didn’t know why he was reacting this way, but this new body seemed like it had a mind of its own. He had been feeling different, and he didn’t mean just from the outside. He was slowly engulfed by this unexplained instinct to lean into the touch, even though the real him didn’t want to.
“Sorry,” the handsome Lebanese muttered, before turning his attention to the labels. He shone the flashlight upon it.


“This one says, ‘XX Unicorn’,” he said out loud.


Jake leaned in from Daniel’s left, trying to take advantage of the closeness, yet the female unicorn was too preoccupied to notice the other guy’s hidden motive.


“XX? Like the female chromosome?” the furry obsessed offered, unexpectedly being helpful.


“Could be,” Gassan shrugged his shoulders.


“I think that was from over here,” Daniel pointed out at one of the desk top. “Maybe we could find something useful nearby. If this is some sort of experiment, I’m sure they’d keep some notes here somewhere.”


Pammy approaches one of the tables lazily, before randomly picking up a book. Coincidently, it also happened to be the notes Daniel was hoping to exist. After looking from left to right cautiously, she contemplated whether she should show it to the others or not, though.


Written by Stella Purple on 04 June 2017

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