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You feel the rear of your pants rip apart, looking back you notice that a tail has emerged and is off a bright yellow color tipped in white. The tail as you watch splits into three tails and each of those splits again into three, you stand with nine tails weighing you back. You realize that you have to lean forward to keep from tipping onto your back and crushing the tails. Getting down on your hands and knees to prevent that.


In this position you notice a golden glow that covers your arms and legs, shimmering brightly they become digitigrade legs, the white socks looking like white fire, three claws on each paw, and the breathtaking gold flowing up. You now stand on all fours as a quadraped.


Your head shimmers with gold in your vision. You feel your nose pushing out into a muzzle and your ears becoming pointed and at the top of your head. Your head now looks very foxish, the head of Kyuubimon.


You feel the last functional change happen to you, all of the remaining human parts realigning into a vulpine form. Your spine reshapes and you feel much more comfortable and natural on all fours now.


You notice a mirror and walk over to it, you look at yourself and the yin-yang symbol appears on your forehead and at the joints joining legs to your abdomen. A shimmering brings a candy cane looking rope with bells at the end. Prayer papers appear and dangle from the rope that is right below your neck. It completes and you look into the mirror, what will you do now.


Written by Tsunari on 04 May 2008

The end (for now)

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