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You stand up and scratch your fur with your blunt claws, noticing the large and powerful paws that your hands has become. You feel stronger, and you can smell every scent in the grass around you. As you marvel over your form, your eyes take in the strange landscape you seem to have travel to-a forest. There was a lake just past the tree line and the sun was blazing high in the sky.


The loud snap of a broken stick behind you causes you to swivel your head quickly to the source of the sound. Standing behind you is an impressive boar badger, his gaze penetrating as he looked down at you curiously. His muzzle pokes and prods your chest as you gaze down at him fearfully, before you pause and notice three rows of breasts coming from your chest.


You attempt to cry out fearfully but the sound that comes from your through is a throaty rumble that causes the male to look at you curiously. His muzzle peels back into a warm smile as he pushes you back playfully, the force is enough to knock you back into the soft grass. You notice three other smaller badgers starting to approach you, each of the males exuding a powerful musk that caused a strong feeling of interest in you followed by a powerful warmth spread between your legs.


The males immediately react. They dropped to all fours limbs and lop toward you with their own smell becoming more potent and intoxicating. The largest male growls at each one, and they quickly seem like they’re ready to tear at each other’s throats. The tension in the woods was just that overwhelming. The largest one gave a threatening growl. You had to do something but the smell was overpowering as they sized each other up.

Written by Mr Woofles on 10 March 2016


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