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You walk away, the conversation having taken up way more time than anticipated. You checked the clock finding out that he had made you late for the ball. The anger began to set in your stomach as you lifted your dress to speed farther down the hallways in order to make it to the ballroom in time.


Strangely enough, you find that the doors had been blocked off to the ballroom, the enormous wooden carved structures muffled the loud cacophony of a party echoing within. With all your might you tried to move the door, but you realized that your weak arms wouldn’t let it budge. Something seemed to have blocked the doorway from the inside, and after exerting the entirety of your strength, you realize that your efforts are for naught. You shrug your shoulders and decide that it’s better to just miss out on the ball, and explain to your parents afterwards.

Written by Driftingdragon on 17 May 2020

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