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You lunge into the hole with almost no hesitation. Your breasts cause you to get stuck momentarily at the entrance, but you push hard with your hind paws and tumble forward.
You immediately realize that the hole is much deeper than you thought when you keep tumbling downward. Rocks scrape you through your thick fur and loose earth falls into your muzzle and into your eyes. You can do nothing but tuck yourself into a tight ball and endure the pain.
After what seems like an eternity of rolling in the darkness, you slide to a painful stop.
You open your eyes and groan, but you are relatively unhurt. Glancing around you notice that you've landed in a cave. Phosphorescent crystals jut from the walls of the cave, giving you a dim view of the path ahead. Two tunnels lead from the small cavern you are currently sitting in. You can go through the left or the right tunnel. Alternatively, you can try to crawl back up and face your pursuers.

Written by Naraki Kennedy on 15 May 2015

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