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You leaped into action almost instantly to grab a mop and bucket to make up for your
accidental laboratory mishap, distracting from your embarrassment while simultaneously trying to make up for it in labor. The jet black screaming skull figures were quickly sucked up and leaned as you swiped the dirty mom across the tile floor, the tension was so thick it nearly made you want to spray as you felt the heavy eyes of your mother staring you down.
The disfigured skulls quietly screamed as you cut through their figures swiftly with your mop head, the gassy liquids were quickly absorbed by its fuzzy tendrils as they appeared to deep into the floorboards beneath you, something still didn't seem right.
Your mother dismissed you for the day, leading you to steel your mind for the rest of the night about your little fumble. It almost felt like you were being watched by something; reminded by an unknown force about what had happened the previous day, but you couldn't quite put your finger on what was wrong. You knew something was different, alas, your sleep deprived mind merely faded to sleep with a plethora of thoughts, which had transformed into fever dreams plaguing you for the rest of the nights.
Filled with the same type of screams and writhing blackness in the shape of contorted figures, your dreams had never been so vivid and terrifying like this before. Your mind was overtaken by false awakenings and terrifying imagery. You woke in a cold sweat in your bed as usual, though you still couldn’t shake the fact that something had felt off.
That morning you woke, things felt a bit different, but you had no choice but to continue your day as if it were any other. Steeping different ingredients into bottles, and mixing solutes and solvents had become the regular thing for you, though you couldn’t help but notice that some of your tools were misplaced or moved. At first it wasn’t the most annoying, but after a while you noticed how it began hindering your progress, initially it would put you back a few hours. Then it became weeks, months, and before you knew it, you had become completely overwhelmed with your work. Not just things you had to make up for, but things you barely even got around to doing. The stress put too much strain on your work and you decided you needed out of this business.
Whenever you tried something seemed to pull you back in. Memos you wrote were altered, people told you of actions you have no memories doing, and worst of all, your appearance began slowly changing.
You were no longer the beautiful skunktaur princess you once were, the lines on your face began moving downward as if you were aging way quicker than usual, the fur on your ears and tail no longer contained the beautiful glazed black onyx appearance as before, and tiny streaks of grey and white lined your muzzle as if the stress was weighing down on you too heavily.
“That can’t be right?” you said to yourself, confused and taken aback by what was
happening around you. “Has it been this long… really?” Your voice echoed slightly from the reflective mirror pane you gazed into. Suddenly your face began to change again! Right before your eyes, you noticed a thick black smoky faces which appeared the day you dropped that potion. It began speaking to you.
“You dumbass, dropping shit. You don’t deserve this job, so we’re gonna curse you to do it forever” It almost looked as if you were the one speaking, though you felt your mouth as it hung there, stationary, and completely agape at what you were seeing before you.
“What the hell?!” you shouted in fear before running off back to your lab. “What was that about?” you pondered to yourself as you continued to think about a way out. But a way never came. Every effort you showed to leave the industry had only dug you further in, eventually you had absolutely no time for yourself, and the stress began to take a hold on you. Not even in your retirement could you get any rest, and ultimately your life had been wasted in futile attempts to become better. Yes you had learned a lot, but could you have even done anything with it in the end?

Written by Driftingdragon on 10 June 2020

The end (for now)

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