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“Don’t..don’t touch me.” Daniel growled out, weakly straightening himself up and flinching away from Gassan. His head pounded mercilessly; perhaps a result from the onslaught of memories that had so abruptly come to mind. It was as though it was a strain just to take everything in, without so much as a warning - and this was already taking a massive toll on Daniel, whether he liked it or not. Shaking a little where he sat, Daniel rubbed his throbbing head with a quiet groan as his friends watched him carefully, their eyes curious yet unsettling and beady all the while. He didn’t have a clue what sort of sick prank his friends could’ve pulled on him, if it even was one - regardless of what they did, his head hurt terribly, clouding his thinking for a few moments as he struggled to regain his composure. There was no use in spitting random accusations at his friends quite yet; and even if he did, chances are they’d be as vague with him as they were before, which certainly wouldn’t help Daniel’s situation at all. With a quiet, uncomfortable groan, Daniel lowered his hand from his head as the awful, throbbing pain began to subside; almost as quickly as it had come to him. This certainly was no ordinary headache - no, this was something more, and Daniel was definitely intelligent enough to notice it.


Whatever this was, it was genuinely haunting him; those strange memories that had flooded to him, bits and pieces of places and beings it seemed that he had once known at some point in his life. He didn’t understand one bit of it - how could he possibly sit and decipher these on such short notice, with so little context to begin with? Swallowing rather nervously, Daniel shifted where he sat, struggling to gather his scrambled thoughts and at least put some puzzle pieces together. He didn’t care how long he had to sit here, watched eerily by his so-called friends - as much of a strain as it was to try and find everything out at once, he had to know. Daniel’s curiosity continued poking and prodding at him, urging him to somehow find out where these memories had come from, and why he only just recalled them now, after all these years.


Surely his friends had something to do with it, that was a given; but it couldn’t have been just them, could it? Having an alarming barrage of memories shoved into one’s brain didn’t just happen at random; something more than a triggering word or phrase had to have provoked it. And if it really was just that, then why hadn’t those said phrases or words bothered him before?


Trying to make sense of it all, Daniel shook off the blanket his friends had wrapped around him, trembling as he struggled to stand - Gasson promptly attempted to help his friend up, but was met with immediate hostility as Daniel flinched away from him the second time. “I can get up myself.” Daniel growled softly at Gasson; he briefly staggered, and it took him a moment or two before he finally managed to stand on his own. Carefully, he turned away from his friends - though he could feel their gazes burning into him, as if they were waiting for him to question them so they could spill out their vague answers in return.


Written by monochromecheshire on 11 March 2017

In his room

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