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You can understand him. The Juggernaut was a powerful new weapon the demonic parasites had unveiled recently. A giant war machine seemed built from parts of battleships, and with enough firepower to level a small town in seconds.The thing was equipped with nuclear artillery, flak cannons, homing missiles and capable of emitting beams of hellish energy that could heal and even resurrect fallen enemies. For the past few weeks, all of the game’s most devoted players had been trying to figure out how to go through its defenses and kill the damn thing. But so far it remained unbeaten.


Despite the endless barrage of complaints claiming that the developers had committed some kind of mistake during the introduction of this new enemy, the company refused to remove the Juggernaut from the enemy’s arsenal or nerf it. Many players were expecting a new update that would bring bigger and more powerful weapons to the humans, something to level the battlefield, but so far the developers remained silent.


“It’s a new mission,” You say. “Be optimistic. There might not be a Juggernaut in it.”


“Yeah,” Pammy said. “Maye they will finally introduce those new spells they have been hinting on them forums.”


“Those damn mages,” David spoke, pacified by now. “I don’t know how you can mess around with all that arcane scripting that goes in the spell system. I just need to point to whatever I want dead and squeeze the trigger.”


“I’ll remember that,” Gassan immediately chimed in. “When you are bleeding on the floor and begging for one of my healing spells.”


Thankfully, an alert sounded in your headphone just then, signaling the start of the mission. The game immediately changes from the loadout screen to the loading screen. As the other players finishes loading you see their avatars materializing around. David and Pammy are the first to appear, Jake and Gassan appear shortly after that.


In the fictional near-future reality of Shell Shock, the five of you are soldiers stationed in the remains of Washington, the front line of the war. David and Pammy are soldiers, they fight mostly with advanced weaponry and armor; Jake is a scout and assassin fighting with very long range weapons and mixing technology with a few basic spells; Gassan is the team healer, using advanced spells to keep everyone mostly alive for the duration of the missions.

Written by Ashley-natter on 18 October 2016

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