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Slightly backing away as You began to look over your new form in the mirror that while blinking a couple of times, you still didn't believe what just happened to could this have happened as you thought about the sign was some kind of sick joke, but now... all of this was far to real that it couldn't be ignored. It wasn't long though for a low hissing sound begins to echo within the room, thanks to your enhanced hearing as the smell also told you that it was some kind of gas.


Desperately struggling to cover your face as the gas was entering the room that with you not use to your sexy looking wolf body, your world begins to blur as you eventually were succumbing to the dizziness of the sleeping gas. Before your world turns black that you collapsed onto the ground as you fell, losing consciousness for a deep sleep. You weren't sure how long you were out, but when you awoke that your field of vision was a bit hazy as you started to look around.


Sitting up that you let out a slight chuckle from your bizarre dream, but shortly froze when a paw was swatting away the cold sweat from your face as it enters into view. Your eyes quickly adjusted from a small amount of light as you took this opportunity to look around you. Letting out a feminine scream as you realize what happened to you wasn't a dream at all that you wish it was a nightmare, but it was true for you're now a sexy looking anthro wolf girl.


You later realize you are in a particularly small section somewhere that you appear to be some place else. the only question is where are you?

Written by Jacob on 26 June 2020

The end (for now)
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