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Jake immediately fractured into laughter. So did David, and when Daniel finally processed the whole situation, he couldn´t help but to crack a small chuckle as well.


"Ok so, Danielle, do you plan to stop flirting anytime soon or should we reschedule the trip to a date that you find more convenient?" Said David sarcastically.


"That´s ok kids, I was just making small talk. Didn´t mean to intrude. Here´s your change." Came the clerk nonchalantly.
Daniel and his friends hoped back into the car and drove away with their illegally acquired light-beer. After driving for about thirty minutes, they reached the campsite and started setting things up. There seemed to be nobody around and the weather was on point, so the second they finished mounting the campfire, David started blasting music from the car and everyone lighted up their respective joint or chugged their artisanal cocktails made of cheap vodka and even cheaper orange juice.


It was a great day, they were either high as a mountain seagull or plain wasted, specially Gassan, who passed out on a ditch not two hours after lunch. Everything was fun and games, they even got to take a swim in a nearby river, despite the fact that drunk teenagers and water don´t really mix well. Fortunately, nobody died, and by nightfall they were all exhausted enough to just get inside their tents without even having dinner.


It must have been around midnight. Everyone was sleeping like a rock except for Daniel, by then he had almost completely sobered up and was just laying on his tent pondering both the meaning of life and how he was going to get the cranberry juice stains off his tail. Then, without so much as a warning, a loud metallic thump boomed right next to him. Everyone got up immediately and came out to see what was going on. It turns out that Jake´s cheap tent simple decided it was about time to break, and while he was comically getting out of that polyester rubble, everyone just laughed at him with little to no regard for his wellbeing. Even Daniel chuckled a little, after all, the scene was quite funny.


After emerging unscarred, Jake looked at his friends with sad puppies eyes implying that he had nowhere to sleep. At first he turned to his left, where Pam a David were camping, and before he could even say a word...
"Oh, hell no. If I wanted to wake up next to some dude´s morning boner, I´d have gone to church camp." Came Pam as she got back into her tent and pulled the zipper up.


"Sorry dude, I get hot as hell without somebody else breathing next to my ear. Sleep in the car if you want. The keys are inside." Said David as he too closed up his tent.


Gassan had peaked outside for a minute when Jake´s tent broke down, but as soon as he realized nobody was being mauled by a bear, he went right back inside.

Written by crimsonstar on 01 March 2016

The end (for now)

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